Fantastic!” - Joy Behar

— The Joy Behar Show

Music Industry Reviews

I like the positive and upbeat vibe. I dig the counterpoint vocal melodies. There is a cool Ben Folds Five vibe. I appreciate the organic live performances.”


Psalm for America is a killer song and a killer performance.”

Mike Agranoff, Program Chairman Troubadour Acoustic Coffeehouse

Hayden packs a ton of emotion and pathos into his lyrics without being overwrought. He’s clearly a very deep thinker with a flair for articulate expression. His vocal instrument is the perfect conveyor … beautiful tone and phrasing, and an ability to communicate with his music that we don’t see very often. Keep an eye on that artist.”

LeAnn Zotta, Executive Vice-President, SongDoor International Songwriting Competition

Audience Quotes

He has a gift, not just musically, but in the ability to convey his innermost feelings in an honest, yet mysterious and cryptic manner, that only emotionally tortured people like myself can understand. There are only a handful of artists that meet his criteria, and he is one.” - Jim Cullen, Aroda, Virginia
Music heals the soul and his beautiful songs gave me goose bumps. I had been in bed for the last five weeks after back surgery. Today I felt alive again after seeing and hearing his music. His words hit home on many levels on the subjects he sings about. This is a gift. In today's world there is too much noise and not enough depth. His words and songs are layers of meaning.” - Harold Weinstein, Westfield, New Jersey
His songs are filled with meaning, and the way he sings is heartfelt. His voice and musical talent are exceptional, and the devotion he has for what he does comes across to all who listen. I'm particularly impressed by the songs he writes. It is clear he has a lot to offer the world of music.” - Bonnie Schecter, Summit, New Jersey

Online Reviews

Fantastic! Such poetry (the most important part of a good song, in my opinion, which is sorely overlooked these days!) and tremendous vocal melodies! I can't wait to hear more!” - One Horse Carousel

This is a really good right now song that more people need to hear!!! Piano play is tight.” - Joseph G.

Psalm for America is the conduit for this overarching feeling we’ve all been suppressed from stating.”

Jim Cullen, COO of Spicers Mill (No Plastics Spice Company)